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8th International Theatre Olympics being held in India with participation of 25000 artists: Dr. Mahesh Sharma

New Delhi: The National School of Drama (NSD), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture is taking various steps to preserve, develop, protect and rejuvenate the culture of India. For this purpose, NSD, is taking various steps through the medium of theatre in this direction. Some of the steps taken/ being taken are mentioned below:-

  • Under the Out-reach/Extension Programme, production oriented theatre workshops across the country for preservation and promotion and to rejuvenate of rural folk and tribal culture of India are conducted in collaboration with the local theatre groups and plays are also performed, as part of these workshops.
  • Further, NSD has also opened centres in North -East at Sikkim,Tripura and Bengaluru to introduce, encourage, promote and preserve and rejuvenate the culture and traditions of the local people in this area, through the medium of theatre.
  • As part of the curriculum, the students of the NSD also visit various regions of the country to perform, research and develop theatre forms prevalent in the regions, which are quite diverse in nature. This helps to make the people aware of various dramatic arts prevalent in these areas through the medium of Theatre.
  • Apart from the above, NSD also organizes theatre festivals like Bharat Rang Mahotsav (annually) at Delhi and in few selected cities of the country , in which Theatre groups from foreign countries also participate.
  • NSD’s Sanskaar Rang Toli (TIE Company) has a biennial event called “Bal Sangam”.  This is a festival with a focus on Indian performing folk and traditional arts presented by children practicing these arts, from different regions of the country including rural areas.
  • Similarly, a Poorvottar Theatre Festival is also organized in the North-East region from time to time with a focus to preserve and promote traditional theatre practices of the North-East region, among other practices. Plays from other parts of the country are also showcased in this festival. This helps in introducing the Indian cultural traditions etc. to the people as well as in promotion/rejuvenation of the country’s old age practices and traditions through the medium of theatre.
  • In addition with the approval of the Government, NSD is organizing the 8th Theatre Olympics from 17thFebruary to 8th April, 2018 in which 25 countries are participating with  above 25000 artists with the theme of “Flag of Friendship’’.
  • Repertory company of the NSD also visit various places of the country to stage perform the plays which are seen/viewed by large no. of audience.
  • The plays produced by the students as well as the participants in various workshops across the country are performed and documented by the NSD. These plays are often based on folk and traditional forms.

           The Budget grants and expenditure for the last five years 2012-17 are as under:

                                                                                                         (Rs. In Lakhs)

Year                     Budget                               Actual Expenditure

                   Plan            Non-Plan                Plan              Non-Plan

2014-15        4633.00      1202.49                 4079.00         1202.49

2015-16        5150.00      1345.00                 5150.00         1345.00

2016-17        6675.00      1536.00                 6675.00         1536.00

2017-18        8572.00


There is no criteria for nomenclature of different cultural committees. NSD is the only autonomous organization under Ministry of Culture promoting theatre.

This information was given by Minister of State (IC) for Culture and Minister of State for Environment, Forest & Climate Change Dr. Mahesh Sharma in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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