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Coaching Trains to Start Running with Electric Traction on Itarsi-Jabalpur-Itarsi Route from 30th March 2018

New Delhi: Coaching trains will start running with electric traction on Itarsi-Jabalpur-Itarsi route from 30th March 2018. Initially three pairs of trains will run with electric traction after which this will be extended for other trains also. With the electrification of Itarsi-Jabalpur section which is 245 RKM (double line section), the train operation will be changed over from the diesel traction to the electric traction which will lead to annual saving of approximately Rs. 150 Cr in fuel consumption. In addition to this, the additional operating benefits like increase in the sectional speed of trains, decrease in time of change over of locomotives at Itarsi yard will take place. The same will also result in the increase of availability of rolling stocks and locomotives for utilization. With electrification, there will be more scope for introduction of Main Line Electrical Multiple Units (MEMU) leading to the benefits of public. Further, Electric locos are environmental friendly in comparison to diesel locos by 9.7% as per Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Thus, there will be reduction in pollution in the surrounding Madhya Pradesh areas.

Itarsi-Jabalpur-Katni-Satna-Manikpur section is part of Jabalpur Division of Indian Railways. The division caters to the demands of eight cement plant located in Satna-Maihar & Satna-Rewa sections.The entire section around Katni is rich in raw materials including limestone, bauxite, iron ore and dolomite stone. Jabalpur- Satna belt produces iron –ore as main product.

This section interchanges traffic with South East Central Railway at New Katni Junction, with North Central Railway at Manikpur, Ohan in Satna- Banda section and with Bhopal division at Itarsi.

Railway electrification of Itarsi-Jabalpur-Katni-Satna-Manikpur and Satna-Rewa sections was sanctioned in the year 2012-13 at the cost of Rs. 894.6 Cr (approx.). In the first phase, the railway electrification of Itarsi-Jabalpur section has been completed and Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety has authorized for introduction of goods and passenger services on 22.01.2018.

The balance section i.e. Jabalpur-Katni, Katni-Satna, Satna-Manikpur and Satna-Rewa sections are also targeted for commissioning progressively by March 2019.

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