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ASI has identified 100 monuments as “Adarsh Smarak” for upgradation of existing tourist facilities/amenities: Culture Minister

New Delhi: Providing basic facilities/amenities (e.g. drinking water, toilet blocks, facilities for physically challenged, pathways, cultural notice boards/signage, vehicle parking, cloak rooms, etc.) to tourists visiting centrally protected temples and monuments and sites are the regular activities which the Archaeological Survey of India undertakes.  Improvement and upgradation of these public facilities/amenities is a continuous process. Basic public facilities are available at all World Heritage Sites and ASI’s ticketed monuments, as also at majority of those protected monuments that are visited by a large numbers of tourists. Further, Archaeological Survey of India has identified 100 monuments as “Adarsh Smarak” for upgradation of existing facilities/amenities like Wi-Fi, cafeteria, interpretation centre, brail signage, modern toilets etc. on the basis of actual requirement and feasibility on case to case basis.

Archaeological Survey of India has deployed regular watch & ward staff (Monument Attendants) at centrally protected monuments/sites. Further, private security guards, Armed Guards and CISF personnel have also been engaged at select monuments for safety and protection.

The allocation and expenditure incurred on maintenance, conservation, preservation and environmental development of centrally protected monuments including providing tourist amenities during the last three years and current year is given below:

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