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Facebook called upon to give response by 7th April,2018

New Delhi: On 23.3.2018, a notice seeking details relating to breach of data fromFacebook had been sent to M/s. Cambridge Analytica particularly with regardto reports in the media about questionable practices attributed to M/s.Cambridge Analytica in their efforts to influence elections.

It is felt that there is need for further information about the data breachfrom Facebook. Accordingly, a letter has been issued by the Ministry of Electronics & I.T. on 28th March 2018 to Facebook seeking their response tothe following questions:

  1. Whether the personal data of Indian voters and users has beencompromised by Cambridge Analytica or any other downstreamentity in any manner, and if so, how was it compromised?
  2. Whether Facebook or its related or downstream agencies utilisingFacebook’s data have previously been engaged by any entities tomanipulate the Indian electoral process?
  3. If any such downstream entity misused data from Facebook, whatis the protection available to the data subject?
  4. What are the specific steps proposed to be taken by Facebook toprevent any misuse of personal data for potential interference in, ormanipulation of the Indian electoral process?
  5.  Facebook today has its largest footprint in India in terms of its userbase and therefore what proactive measures are being taken toensure the safety, security and privacy of such large user data andto prevent its misuse by any third party?

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