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India and China sign protocol for Export of Indian Chilli Meal

New Delhi: Commerce Secretary, Anup Wadhawan and Vice Minister, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), Li Guo, held a meeting in New Delhi today to discuss trade related issues of pending Indian request for clearance of agricultural products.

Both sides appreciated each other’s concerns and agreed to resolve market access issues expeditiously in order to achieve the vision of the leaders of both India and China by promoting a more balanced trade.

At the end of the meeting a protocol was signed for export of chilli meal from India to China.

Protocols signed between India and China on Agricultural Commodities

Sl. No. Commodity Year if signing Remarks
1. Mango 2003
2. Bitter Gourd 11th April, 2005
3. Grapes 11th April, 2005
4. Rapeseed meal 15th May 2015 Finally agreed in 2018
5. Basmati Rice


21st November 2006


First Protocol was signed for Basmati Rice only.
6. Basmati Rice

& Non-Basmati Rice

9th June, 2018 For both varieties
7. Fish meal/ Fish oil 28th November,2018 Protocol for hygiene and inspection requirements for export of fishmeal fish oil to China
8. Tobacco Leaves 21st January, 2019 First Protocol was signed on 14.01.2008 for a period of 4 years. It was renewed on 21stJanuary 2019.
9. Chilli Meal 9th May, 2019 SPS Protocol for export of Indian Chilli meal to China.

(Source: Department of Agriculture Cooperation/Export Inspection Council (EIC)

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