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IRCTC introduces billing through Point of Sale (POS) hand held machines in trains to check overcharging by vendors

New Delhi: Taking a step towards passenger awareness for menu & tariff of meal and catering items being sold onboard in trains, IRCTC is introducing billing through Point of Sale (POS) hand held machines in trains.  There have been some complaints of passengers regarding overcharging by the vendors in trains. IRCTC has been continuously taking passenger friendly steps so as to ensure smooth catering services as well as disseminate information critical for passenger travelling in trains. This will help not only making passengers aware of relevant information but also in improving the passenger satisfaction.

The POS billing machines are being introduced in trains in phases. IRCTC has already introduced POS machines in train no. 12627-28, SBC-NDLS Karnataka Express on pilot basis. Further, in next phase, 100 POS machines are being commissioned on 26 trains.  There are 50 rakes (composition of coaches forming a train) of the identified 26 trains. Each rake of the train shall be provided with 2 POS machines each to start with which shall be progressively increased as per the usage & response from passengers. IRCTC is also deploying its officials onboard on these trains for the purpose of monitoring the catering services. These Officials are also being provided with Tablets (Tab) which will be used for collection of passenger feedbacks.

The service providers managing the onboard services are also being trained at its Central Kitchen at Noida for usage of the POS machine which has the ability to manage MIS. The training shall commence with effect from 21.03.2018 and shall continue till 24.03.2018 for the first batch.

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