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No bigger riot monger than Narendra Modi: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday, hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that PM Modi is trying to run a parallel government in Bengal, reports ANI.

“Narendra Modi is running a parallel government in Bengal in the guise of elections. We are tolerating everything silently. Our courtesy is not our weakness. Who are you to interfere in law and order?” she asked while addressing an election meeting at Basanti.

Evoking the 2002 Gujarat riots, she said that there is no bigger riot-monger than Narendra Modi. “I remember when riots happened in 2002, Atal Ji had instructed him to follow raj-dharma. He had also warned him that he will dissolve the Gujarat Government,” she said.

“I do not disrespect the central forces. But, some of them are coercing people to vote for the BJP. How can you campaign for the BJP? When Modi will be ousted from power, what will you do?

“We have never seen a more vindictive Prime Minister like Narendra Modi. If he is ousted, the country will be saved. If you want to save the country, you must oust one person – Modi babu,” she said.

Questioning demonetization, Mamata asked where did black money go for which the entire exercise was undertaken.

“People are asking, where did the money from demonetisation go? People’s money came back to the banks. Where did the black money go? They harassed common people and looted the money from banks. Did they give any justification why demonetisation was done?” she added.

She also said that under the present government, the media has become too weak and scared to say anything about against the government or PM Modi. Source The Statesman

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