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Vice President witnesses folk dances performed by Tableaux Artists

New Delhi: The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu and his wife, Smt. Usha Naidu witnessed folk and classical dances presented by Tableaux Artists who participated in Republic Day Parade from 10 States on the lawns of the Vice President’s residence, here today.

Both of them greeted and interacted with tribal guests and the artistes who rendered performances as part of the Republic Day celebrations. These artistes had performed on their respective State tableaux during the Republic Day Parade on January 26 at Rajpath.

The Vice President appreciated the artistes for preserving India’s folk art forms and traditions. Calling India a fragrant bouquet of diverse cultures, Shri Naidu said that the performances by the artistes had further enriched this diversity. “Our traditional skills, literature, music, poetry and sculpture represent the zest for life inherent in our folk traditions. These art forms are the living testimony of our creativity of our ancestors”.

Artists from Tamil Nadu presented the Karakkatam folk dance, while Taakala Folk Dance was performed by artists from Maharashtra. North Eastern states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim and Tripura presented Monpa, Satoiya Nitya, Tamang Seto and Mamita folk dances. Artists from Jammu Kashmir performed the Fusim Dance reflecting the compositie culture of the State. The artistes from Gujarat performed Misra Raas, while Hudka Chhudka from Uttarakhand and Bhangra from Punjab were also performed.

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