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Dehradun: World forestry day was celebrated in Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun by Forestry Department. The programme was organized in context to the theme of this year i.e. “Forests and sustainable cities”. The program commenced with presenting the token of love in the form of live flora (grown by students in the nursery) and handmade badges prepared by students with quotation “Save the forests”

Followed by silent march by Forestry students expressing their views on “Sustainable cities and forests” through posters.

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rakesh Ranjan addressed the gathering by calling upon students to seek new ways of energy and development which go hand in hand with ecology of a particular area.

The students were also encouraged by Mr. Satyen Chhetri (Assistant Professor, Forestry department) for using the waste material for decoration of the venue according to the theme of the event. Series of programs like: Song entitled giving trees, Skit in which the students presented the glimpses of the past, present and future conditions of our earth which was so ravishing but now seem to be diminishing.

Followed by Extempore on different topics related to environment, forestry and sustenance in which the students of Mass Communication and Forestry department participated. Mr. Bhupnesh Kumar, HOD, Department of Law, also addressed  the gathering with his legal knowledge on forest and policies.

 The program ended with Thank you speech by Mr. Alok Mishra (Assistant Professor, Forestry department)

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